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Subterranean Press edition

I still do not have my visa for the China part of the upcoming trip, as (my having given my profession as "writer) the consulate demanded a letter explaining exactly what it is I write! I resorted to copying off the back cover of HMD, and it seems to have satisfied them, but I still do not get it back until Monday, which is cutting rather more fine than I had wanted, as we leave Thursday. But I am making the sanguine assumption that all will be well and I will not end up in a cell at Immigration somewhere.

Also, having prepared for the Hugos -- I love excuses for formal wear -- by obtaining spiffy dress, shoes, fancy scarf-thing to protect against over-air-conditioning, etc, and making Charles get his tails altered to fit again, we are apparently not going to be wearing any of it, because! There is going to be a kimono sales/rental place called Maimu at the con, which is offering rentals with dressing service! I am so excited.

Meanwhile I have more things to do than seem to want to go into the space of the next few days, so I am keeping this short, but I did want to post that the Subterranean Press limited edition of His Majesty's Dragon has gone on sale. The wonderful Dominic Harman (the artist for the first-edition US and UK covers) is doing the covers for these also, and Anke Eisemann is doing five color illustrations for the interiors! I am gleeful about Anke because she was discovered via the Temeraire wiki, where she's contributed several fantastic illustrations. :D Her website has some really lovely Tolkien illustrations also -- I love the Faramir portrait on this page.

I have a bouquet of fresh zinnia on my desk and an hour to write for fun before work calls. Off I go.