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Tour drabble from Boston!

Sorry for the delay on this one, have been wrestling with hotel internet. Hope to see some of you at the Portland signing tonight at the Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing, and at University Bookstore in Seattle tomorrow! :D

From Jen in Boston, the prompt "Jane Roland and prohibition":

"No, thank you,"Jane said firmly. "It don't make any sense to me either, and I would like a glass of port after my dinner as much as anyone else, but that isn't my business; keeping the law is. And if I did incline to let you fellows off for the liquor-smuggling, bribe or no, I wouldn't for the low sneaking murderous way you go about it, anyway. Now put down those guns on top of the barrels, and come over here and put yourselves into the jail-box; unless you care to stay down there while Excidium sees to the lot."
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Tour drabble from Orlando!

From Veronica via Kathryn at Infinitus in Orlando came the prompt "in the forties" with no elaboration, so here you get a fusion crossover, with credit to Charles for the line. You'll know which line when you read it. ;)

Laurence paced in controlled impatience while the diggers worked under the sinking sun; he would have gladly taken a shovel himself if it were not inappropriate to the dignity of an officer.

Metal rang on stone. "Sir, I believe we've found the seal," Riley called.

Crowbars heaved up the enormous weight of the capping stone, a gush of fetid air escaping the chamber below. A torch was flung down, illuminating the shining curve of eggshell, and around it the tangled and mummified mass of an enormous scaled body.

"Dragons," Laurence said in dismay. "Why did it have to be dragons?"

Infinitus was heaps of fun! Hope to see a bunch of you tonight at Pandemonium in Boston! :D
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Tour drabble from DC!

From Emily at the Borders at Bailey's Crossroads event near Washington DC comes the prompt "Maximus and virgins" (this prompt may be more understandable if you know that I am reading my Team Unicorn short story from the upcoming anthology Zombies vs Unicorns while on tour).

This one's an AU. :D

"First of all, I don't want to eat any of you lot," Maximus said, "and if I did, I don't see how that would make any difference to the taste."

He felt rather injured at the suggestion; he had only meant to snatch the horse and had not seen the fellow on its back at all until the armor had squeaked unpleasantly under his teeth.

"And now I think of it," he added, with indignation, "I suppose they wouldn't like to be et anymore than you would, so I don't see what you are about, offering: I call it cowardly."

Having lovely time at Infinitus, where our lunch panel went swimmingly, got quite an interesting prompt to write at the signing, and tomorrow it is on to Boston and Pandemonium Books! Hope to see some of you there! :D
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first drabble and Infinitus update!

Quick update for anyone who'd like to see me in Orlando -- I'll be doing signings open to the public in the vendor room at the con on Friday at 10:30-11am and ~1:30-2:30pm (second signing will start whenever the lunch panel lets out). I'll also be doing a reading at 10am, but due to con security they can't have that room open to the public, so you'll have to be a member of the con to attend.

To celebrate the launch of Tongues of Serpents, I'm taking drabble prompts on my tour and will be posting a new one every day. For anyone who doesn't know, a drabble is a short-short of exactly 100 words, which produces a fun little niblet of a story. :D I've already done a few of these from twitter prompts which will be showing up soon on Amazon and BN.com, and one already posted on suvudu.com for the prompt "Iskierka and poetry".

The first tour drabble prompt comes from Brandon at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble event in NYC:

"Perscitia and Parliament"

"Well, if the building cannot be enlarged -- which does not seem to me so difficult as you would have it; we would be perfectly willing to help, and it is not as though I were as large as Requiescat -- then you may knock a few windows together, and I will sit outside them," Perscitia said, feeling this suggestion at least must be irreproachable.

It transpired that the other members did not agree, but when Requiescat began to take an interest and interjected, "I don't see why I shouldn't be able to get inside, either," they grew more reasonable.

I'm waiting for the plane to Orlando for Infinitus right now -- another drabble coming tomorrow from my DC event! Thanks to all of you who have come out, it is really amazing to meet you all. :D
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Temeraire fanart contest!

So I am super excited about this -- to celebrate the launch of Tongues of Serpents tomorrow, I have teamed up with the awesome Subterranean Press to run a fanart contest where I will write stories to go with the winning entries, and it all goes into a super-spiffy limited edition chapbook to support the OTW! \o/ Here is the official announcement:

Announcing a contest of draconic proportions!

Submit your art inspired by Naomi Novik’s New York Times Best-Selling Temeraire series for a chance to be published in a limited-edition chapbook from Subterranean Press. The author will choose her five favorite works and ten runners-up and write a short original piece of fiction to go with each.

The Temeraire series is a six-volume (so far!) historical fantasy series that reimagines the Napoleonic Wars fought with the aid of dragons. Captain William Laurence and his dragon Temeraire fight to protect England, and in the course of their adventures travel the world, discover the wide variety of human and dragon societies, and confront danger of every description. The newest book in the series, Tongues of Serpents, is out on July 13.

Contest Rules
  1. Your artwork may feature any scene, character, or characters from any of the six Temeraire books, in any medium you choose. Alternate universe settings, chibi, and parody entries are welcome, or anything else you come up with. Feel free to let your imagination run wild!

  2. Entries may be in color or in black-and-white, but note that, if selected, color entries may be reproduced in black-and-white in the chapbook.

  3. To enter, send an image of your artwork to the contest email address: temerairefanart@gmail.com. Please include your name, phone number, and email address.

  4. The deadline for submitting artwork is August 31, 2010.

  5. You may enter as many times as you like.

  6. Contest entries will be judged by Naomi, Del Rey editor-in-chief Betsy Mitchell, and Del Rey art director David Stevenson.

The creators of the fifteen pieces of art selected by the author will see their work published, each with a piece of original fiction by Naomi Novik inspired by the illustration (short stories for the five winners, drabble-length for the runners-up), and will all receive a free copy of the chapbook.

Naomi's proceeds from the chapbook will go to support the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), a nonprofit run by and for fans which works to protect the rights of fan creators and access to fan creations.

Thanks to all prospective participants and good luck!

- Naomi Novik

I am figuring I will probably write about a 5000-word story for the top winner, 1000-word stories for the four other finalists, and drabblish things for the ten runners-up, so the chapbook will be about 10,000 words of fic. And yes, you can totally do Laurence and Temeraire in space, or fighting demons, or something else out-there, I am up for the challenge. :D

ETA answers to some questions:
  • The contest is open to artists worldwide! (and btw please feel free to translate and repost the announcement anywhere you like)

  • Collaborations are welcome! Just include both your names/emails when submitting.

  • Kids are welcome to participate with permission of their parent/guardian, just be aware I'll be writing the chapbook at the same maturity level as the books (and see the next note).

  • There are no restrictions on art content; as the books are adult and have some pretty intense battle scenes and sexual situations, I don't want to impose constraints. That said, I will probably just LOL a whole lot if you send me X-rated Temeraire porn art so that may not be the most strategic choice. ;)

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happy announcements :)

So now that I am out of the first trimester woods and thankfully creeping past what seemed like endless morning sickness, I can share the happy news that I am working on a different kind of creative project, aka the Hypothetical Child (which is now Theoretical Child) that Charles and I have been contemplating for the last few years. She is due in early December. \:D/

I do have to say that so far, I would much rather be a dragon and get to lay a nice portable egg. Forget the flying cars and the hyperdrive, where are our uterine replicators? Seriously, if we get to the future and we really are still giving birth naturally as per the appalling Star Wars episode III and Star Trek reboot, I am going to Have Words with the management. 

In other happy news, I am actually going to be able to make this tour (I was a bit worried a couple of weeks ago when I was still horizontal on the couch 90% of the day but thankfully I seem to at last be getting the happy second trimester all these books promised me) and now have my schedule almost all lined up at this point:

NYC: 7PM Tuesday, July 13
Barnes & Noble
97 Warren St. (at Greenwich St.)
New York, NY 10007

DC: 7:30PM Wednesday July 14
5871 Crossroads Center Way
Baileys Crossroads, VA 22041

Orlando: 12 Noon Friday July 16
I'll be at Infinitus con! I'm doing the noon Friday panel with many other awesome writers, and also a reading and signing, time TBA.

I will be signing at 1:30PM Friday in the Infinitus vendor room at the Royal Pacific Resort conference center, and this signing will be open to the public! 

Boston: 7PM Saturday July 17
Pandemonium Books
4 Pleasant St.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Portland: 7PM Tuesday July 20
Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing
3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97005

Seattle: 7PM Wednesday July 21
University Bookstore
4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

San Diego Comic-Con: 4PM Thursday July 22
Twisting Genres panel in room 25ABC

and I'll probably be doing a signing at the Del Rey booth at some point during SDCC also, will let you all know when. :D

Sorry for not making it to more places -- I have to conserve energy, among other things to get cracking away on Book 7 (working title: Crucible of Gold), which is currently due about the same time as Theoretical Child, which is going to be a challenge. :D 
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Free books! :D

So Del Rey is doing an awesome promo for Tongues of Serpents right now. If you have a friend who hasn't yet read the Temeraire series, pop their name into this handy form, Del Rey will send them a free copy of His Majesty's Dragon, and enter you to win a signed hardcover of Tongues of Serpents for you! (With this extremely spiffy cover by Dominic Harman!)

(Sadly the offer is only open to US residents! Will let you all know if any of my foreign publishers put together something similar. ♥)

Also to let you know, I'll be doing another little book tour for Tongues of Serpents this summer in mid-July right when the book comes out -- exact dates to come, but among other things, I'll be at San Diego Comic-Con.

I haven't decided what to read yet, but I am thinking another short story, since Vici was so much fun last time around. :D

Speaking of other promo, I am about to spend the next few days doing something with my facebook account, as I have been poked firmly on the subject. (I signed up for facebook in I think 2005, rapidly got so irritated by it that I shunted ALL the mail from there into a separate folder after about a month, and uh, have not looked at it since. D: I am scared.) ...so if any of you have suggestions for how to use fb without going mad they would be much appreciated. :P
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I-Con this weekend!

This has crept up on me so fast, I almost forgot to mention, I am going to be at I-Con this Saturday (at SUNY Stony Brook on Long Island)!

I'm slated for:

Signing: 11-12

Reading: 3-4

And three very awesome panels:

Does Size Matter?
Saturday 10-11
Why would anyone who can sell novels bother writing lower-paying short fiction anymore? Has anyone ever expanded a short story into a novel that was actually better than the original short story? Do we need a new word like "meganovel" for a story that's 12,000 pages long?

Not Your Father's Dragon
Saturday 1-1:30
The evolution of the dragon, from ancient myths to Pern to today.

Beyond Ink and Paper
Saturday 4-5
What happens to fiction writing and publishing when "books" are just patterns on electronic storage?

If any of you are going to be there, drop a note! :D
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Temeraire crackfic: A Dragon and A Swordsman Walk Into A Bar--

ETA: Hey all, Suvudu tells me they had to reset the votes on all the cage matches! Er, it wasn't any of YOU power-voting, was it? *lulz* Re-vote here!

Okay, so this one is going to be tough. But if Temeraire goes out he is going out with a bang! *heee*

So here you go -- why Temeraire clearly should beat Jaime Lannister in the quarterfinals! VOTE TEMERAIRE FOR GREAT JUSTICE.

A Dragon And A Swordsman Walk Into A Bar — (2000 words)

The story of how Temeraire (should!) defeat Jaime Lannister. Safe for most audiences, but warnings for nameless horror. With guest appearances by Iskierka, Haplo, Polgara, Hermione Granger, Cthulhu, and Ryan Seacrest.


A Dragon And A Swordsman Walk Into A Bar —

"Only," Temeraire said, "he is so very small." He peered across the field at the lone man swinging around his sword. He did move it quite quickly, and he had a splendid hand made all out of gold, which flashed appealingly in the sunlight, but—well.

"I don't see why you are complaining," Iskierka said. "The last one was small, too."

"But she was a sorceress," Temeraire protested.

"Who tried to turn you into a cat," Iskierka said. "Anyway, you had better win, because I don't see Granby or Laurence anywhere here, either, and we shan't be able to go on looking for them unless you do."

"Well, of course I am going to win," Temeraire said, but privately he could not help feeling that it was not very sporting. "But perhaps we might—fight in some other fashion," he suggested, "which would be more fair?"

There was an odd sort of shimmer in the air around them and above the field, after he had spoken, and Iskierka jetted curls of steam from her spikes in disapproval. "Now you have gone and done it," she said. "I ought to just have set him on fire; you know you cannot just go saying things in this place."

Collapse )

*waves pom-poms*


(ETA: PS: pimping greatly appreciated and if anyone happened to feel like drawing me art of Temeraire singing for the judges or any other scenes from this piece of crack I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER! ♥)

ETA2: LOLLLL, Temeraire doing Bette now illustrated thanks to jacob_holcomb! \o/


ETA4: *gleeeeees madly* Temeraire in the Idoldome! by takmarierah!