Naomi Novik (naominovik) wrote,
Naomi Novik

Happy birthday to me!

For my birthday I got a massage, some flowers, a bunch of delicious tea, and a bedbug infestation, so that tea and massage came in really handy. *facepalm*

So first we had to pack ALL THE BOOKS:

There has since been intensive anti-bedbug action, before which I packed up the baby and decamped to my office one block away. I have never gotten around to putting curtains on the west-facing windows. Guess who melts down if she doesn't have a quiet dark room to hang out in before bedtime?

So after one harrowing bedtime I sprang into action. I now have truly awesome curtains for my office:

(Trash bags, duct tape, and velcro. Oh and they are tastefully tied back with those little garbage twist-ties.)

Poor baby is completely confused anyway as she has gone from closet in my mom's house (for Passover/Easter celebration) to her own bedroom to OUR bedroom (since the bedbug was found in her room) to the office and now is back in our bedroom. Oh, and last night she woke up wailing at 10pm with what seems to have been a night terror.

Five minutes ago my editor called and asked me to write an intro letter for tomorrow (for a special promo edition of His Majesty's Dragon that will be given away at RWA and San Diego Comic-Con).

*crawls under bed*

*except no because there might be a BEDBUG there*
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