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Naomi Novik

Zombies vs. Unicorns!

Very belated heads-up here, I know, but for any of you in NYC and looking for something to entertain you this fine Thursday evening, a bunch of us will be putting on THE MOST EXTREMELY CRUCIAL POLITICAL DEBATE OF ALL TIME.



Thalia Kids' Book Club: Zombies vs. Unicorns
Thu, Sep 23 at 6 pm
Leonard Nimoy Thalia (at Symphony Space, Broadway and 95th)
$15; Members $12

I am of course arguing for Team Unicorn, along with the awesome blackholly (Holly Black) and utsusemia (Alaya Johnson), the latter of whom has seen the error of her former Team Zombie ways and joined us to debate against justinelavaworm (Justine Larbalestier), Maureen Johnson, and Libba Bray.

Possibly I, uh, have gone a little overboard in my preparations for this debate. *looks at paper wreckage and sparkles all over apartment*

If you can't make it, you can still be overwhelmed by the incontrovertible force of Team Unicorn in the fabulous book, of course, which has just come out. For any of you who came out to the book tour, my story Purity Test is the one I was reading on tour. :D

(PS: fanart contest results coming soon! watch this space! but omg this is going to be very hard to decide.)
Tags: short fiction, zombies vs. unicorns

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