Naomi Novik (naominovik) wrote,
Naomi Novik

facebook chat tonight!

Tags: temeraire
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Apparently the chat will take place in the Facebook comments, from something they said on page one.

<deadpan> Clearly a very professional operation. </deadpan>

I am planning to be there, although incognito as the name on my driver's license and all.
Are you by any chance planning to come over to merry old Britain in the promotion of Tongues of Serpents?
Aww, I missed it. Stupid time zones. :P
Just finished reading the chat - thank you for all the questions you answered! I love your series, and reading this LiveJournal, though I've never posted before.

In particular, thank you for finally giving the name of the anthology with your "Vici" story - I've been trying to track that down, and now have it on order from B&N. =-)

Hey, a funny thing - as I was downloading ToS from Barnes & Noble as an e-book, my search for "Novik" also turned up "The "Novik" and the Part She Played in the Russo-Japanese War, 1904" by a Lieutenent A. P. Steer of the Imperial Russian Navy. It was a free e-book, so I downloaded it too. It actually looks like it might be interesting. Anyway, with your interest in ships, I thought you might find the idea of your name on a ship amusing. =-)
For reasons that are best left to the up-too-late, caffeine-fuelled imagination, I have the sudden and compelling mental image of Temeraire attempting to add [insert popstar of choice here] to his horde, because of the SPARKLY. I would imagine it wouldn't go very well.
Please give us somemore info on whether Temeraire is making it to the big screen....pleeeease!!!!!



August 15 2010, 00:15:41 UTC 7 years ago

More drabbles, please, Please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5
Ooh, I missed the chat, will there be another one sometime?
Uhhhmmm... Naommiii, I've got a kinda weeiiirrrdddd question...


What's your opinion of Temeraire Rule 34? Like, SERIOUS Rule 34. Not just, you know, WRITING, but, uh, well constructed art. That's, uh, obviously done by an adoring fan. And not being sold or used to make money in any way.

...I can link it to ya if you want... or we can pretend I never asked...


August 16 2010, 01:18:37 UTC 7 years ago

I'm bummed I missed the chat but it was nice to read through it.

Any more drabbles coming soon? You did pick up some from Comic-Con, didn't you?