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Sweet! That's so awesome. I dont watch nearly as many AMVs as I read fic or draw or whatever, but they definatley enrich their various fandoms., politics is totally be a fandom.
That's fantastic news! Thanks for sharing!
That is amazing! Congrats on this victory, this is so excitiing!

(PS it was awesome getting to meet you at Con. I was the tall girl with the Dean/Castiel badge on her lanyard.)
Great! I do enjoy all the fanvids!

Mind you I'm glad they added "political" too. Obama Rick rolled now isn't "infringement of copyright".
This is AWESOME!! Thanks for posting! :)
I recieved my autographed copy of Tongues of Serpents in the post yesterday and I wanted to thank you (and Random House) for your part in the send-a-book-to-a-friend program. Not only was I able to share with a dear friend a series that has given me hours of entertainment and escape, but I have new reading material that doesn't have to go back to the library in three weeks. So thanks! :)
This is the best news I've heard all day! I know many people who have had their videos taken down due to said item in video, so this definitely makes me hopefully for the future of fanworks! Thanks!