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Tour drabble from Seattle!

In Seattle, Tristan totally got her drabble prompt to the head of the line by bringing me awesome Temeraire loot -- it is super-cool and I cannot wait to show it off, but my iphone photos are inadequate, so you are going to have to wait until I get home for pictures. :D *is a tease*

Her prompt was "Tharkay and name":
His father called him George, determinedly; his mother made no demur, but she did not need to: the weight of aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents were ranged with her, and all their society. At the age of five, Tenzing thought the other only a pet name, and English a private language for two; he was conscious of the greatest indignation when the British envoy visited and with his loud voice intruded.

She died, two years later, and his world was altered; but the change ensured her victory: he could not resist being taken away, but he refused to answer to George.

Sniffle. :(

Day two of Comic-Con was, uh, mostly spent by the pool watching other people stand in very very long lines </bad fan>. Sadly, I have acquired a brilliantly red nose despite carefully staying under an umbrella ALL DAY, which does not seem fair, so I now have a cheap and ugly pink San Diego baseball cap on. :P There were also fun interviews with Annalee Newitz of (in awesome Jaenelle Monae cosplay) and Adam Rogers of, and the day ended in a lovely dinner with whitearrow and awesome writers Gillian Horvath, Melinda Snodgrass, and Nancy Holder. \o/

Today is my Del Rey booth signing at 4, and then I may wander around the dealer's room a little more if I am feeling adventurous and the floor does not appear to be a life-threateningly-solid mass of humanity.

And tomorrow, home! \o/
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