Naomi Novik (naominovik) wrote,
Naomi Novik

Tour drabble from Orlando!

From Veronica via Kathryn at Infinitus in Orlando came the prompt "in the forties" with no elaboration, so here you get a fusion crossover, with credit to Charles for the line. You'll know which line when you read it. ;)

Laurence paced in controlled impatience while the diggers worked under the sinking sun; he would have gladly taken a shovel himself if it were not inappropriate to the dignity of an officer.

Metal rang on stone. "Sir, I believe we've found the seal," Riley called.

Crowbars heaved up the enormous weight of the capping stone, a gush of fetid air escaping the chamber below. A torch was flung down, illuminating the shining curve of eggshell, and around it the tangled and mummified mass of an enormous scaled body.

"Dragons," Laurence said in dismay. "Why did it have to be dragons?"

Infinitus was heaps of fun! Hope to see a bunch of you tonight at Pandemonium in Boston! :D
Tags: book tour, drabbles, temeraire
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