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Temeraire fanart contest!

So I am super excited about this -- to celebrate the launch of Tongues of Serpents tomorrow, I have teamed up with the awesome Subterranean Press to run a fanart contest where I will write stories to go with the winning entries, and it all goes into a super-spiffy limited edition chapbook to support the OTW! \o/ Here is the official announcement:

Announcing a contest of draconic proportions!

Submit your art inspired by Naomi Novik’s New York Times Best-Selling Temeraire series for a chance to be published in a limited-edition chapbook from Subterranean Press. The author will choose her five favorite works and ten runners-up and write a short original piece of fiction to go with each.

The Temeraire series is a six-volume (so far!) historical fantasy series that reimagines the Napoleonic Wars fought with the aid of dragons. Captain William Laurence and his dragon Temeraire fight to protect England, and in the course of their adventures travel the world, discover the wide variety of human and dragon societies, and confront danger of every description. The newest book in the series, Tongues of Serpents, is out on July 13.

Contest Rules
  1. Your artwork may feature any scene, character, or characters from any of the six Temeraire books, in any medium you choose. Alternate universe settings, chibi, and parody entries are welcome, or anything else you come up with. Feel free to let your imagination run wild!

  2. Entries may be in color or in black-and-white, but note that, if selected, color entries may be reproduced in black-and-white in the chapbook.

  3. To enter, send an image of your artwork to the contest email address: Please include your name, phone number, and email address.

  4. The deadline for submitting artwork is August 31, 2010.

  5. You may enter as many times as you like.

  6. Contest entries will be judged by Naomi, Del Rey editor-in-chief Betsy Mitchell, and Del Rey art director David Stevenson.

The creators of the fifteen pieces of art selected by the author will see their work published, each with a piece of original fiction by Naomi Novik inspired by the illustration (short stories for the five winners, drabble-length for the runners-up), and will all receive a free copy of the chapbook.

Naomi's proceeds from the chapbook will go to support the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW), a nonprofit run by and for fans which works to protect the rights of fan creators and access to fan creations.

Thanks to all prospective participants and good luck!

- Naomi Novik

I am figuring I will probably write about a 5000-word story for the top winner, 1000-word stories for the four other finalists, and drabblish things for the ten runners-up, so the chapbook will be about 10,000 words of fic. And yes, you can totally do Laurence and Temeraire in space, or fighting demons, or something else out-there, I am up for the challenge. :D

ETA answers to some questions:
  • The contest is open to artists worldwide! (and btw please feel free to translate and repost the announcement anywhere you like)

  • Collaborations are welcome! Just include both your names/emails when submitting.

  • Kids are welcome to participate with permission of their parent/guardian, just be aware I'll be writing the chapbook at the same maturity level as the books (and see the next note).

  • There are no restrictions on art content; as the books are adult and have some pretty intense battle scenes and sexual situations, I don't want to impose constraints. That said, I will probably just LOL a whole lot if you send me X-rated Temeraire porn art so that may not be the most strategic choice. ;)

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oh my goodness I --

This is so exciting

/grabs tablet pen

-- Oh, a query! Are collaborations acceptable?
Absolutely! :D


8 years ago


8 years ago


How would you rate the tone of this installment? I found Victory of Eagles to be a bit grim.
Ack, I don't know how to answer! I guess I'd say, Laurence was in a pretty dark place in Victory of Eagles, and I think he's climbing out of it? But you and other readers will have to decide if I am right or not. :D


8 years ago

This is amazing - I hope all the entries will be published once the choices are made!

What an awesome contest :D
I would definitely love to see them all posted on the Temeraire wiki and/or deviantart, win or lose! :D
Lady, I shall do this thing!
Thinking of a kid I know...if someone is, say, under 14, do you want to know? Does that make a difference?
Hm, I think as long as they have their parent/guardian's permission, it should be fine! I mean, I expect the chapbook content will be on the level of the books, so if their parents are okay with them reading those, the chapbook should be fine too. :)
I cannot WAIT to do this. :D
I can't even draw a straight line, but with this beneficiary i need to try something. And I know exactly where it will be placed based loosely on where i got to meet you. :)
This makes me wish I were a fanartist, because this is an AWESOME idea.
I don't think I'll be drawing for this, but oh my god. I am SO buying it!
Ooooh, I know what I want to draw! Because there was this certain creature I wanted to know more about.... >:3
Oh man, I have never wished more that I was an artist. *_*
What an amazing idea! I wish I could draw. SO EXCITED for the new book!
Will there be a new book? I mean, not a chapbook, but, like, a Temeraire book? And if so, when si it going to come out???
Is the contest open to people in Canada or only the USA?
Open worldwide! :D


8 years ago

Sweet! This is so cool!
Oh man, I have been planning a piece of Temeraire art for ages, just waiting to have money to buy the materials. I'm taking a week off of work for CRAFT-STRAVAGANZA shortly before the deadline, so clearly this needs to be one of the projects for that week!

Man I am excited about this. I am also very pleased that you specified the "any medium" bit, since I am not much of a draw-er. That is not a word. Oh well.
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