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Sorry for the long silence -- this is a summer of what already feels like incessant traveling, though not half-done; all of it to delightful places but still a little overwhelming, and I haven't been able to catch up in-between. My livejournal reading has been somewhere short of skimming the first page of my friends list every ten days or so; as for book reading... let us not speak of it.

I am lately back from a spectacular visit to Africa on research for book 4, complete with the experience of having a tree nearly knocked on my head by an elephant. I am already plotting my revenge in literary form (little did that elephant know he would soon be joining Temeraire for dinner...), and I will be putting the photos in the website gallery shortly. It will take a little while, as I was perhaps a little over-enthusiastic in my documenting, and I think I should probably do some culling through the 5 GB of photos instead of just uploading wholesale.

Meanwhile, I am off to San Diego Comic-Con next week, arriving Wednesday evening and leaving Sunday. My official schedule is:

Thursday: 2-3 PM signing at the Del Rey booth
Saturday: 1-2 PM signing at the Del Rey booth

Saturday: 4-5 PM panel in Room 9
Panel: Bearing the Torch—and the Sword, and Shield, and Dragon…
How do established writers and new voices in the fantasy field balance giving readers the familiar elements they crave with telling stories in a fresh way? Moderator Maryelizabeth Hart (Mysterious Galaxy) seeks answers from Comic-Con special guest Peter Beagle (The Last Unicorn), Canadian-born teacher and fantasy writer David Keck (In the Eye of Heaven), best-selling author Todd McCaffrey (Dragon’s Fire), Temeraire historical fantasy creator Naomi Novik (His Majesty’s Dragon), A Song of Ice and Fire creator George R. R. Martin (A Feast for Crows), popular novelist Rebecca Moesta (Crystal Doors), and fantasy author and screenwriter Eldon Thompson (The Obsidian Key). Room 9

Saturday: 5-6 PM post-panel signing at Table #AA4 (Autograph Area 4)

I am simultaneously looking forward to it and mildly alarmed -- NY Comic-Con was crazy enough, and everyone has been telling me SDCC is several orders of magnitude vaster, so I am prepared for it to be a complete madhouse, but a madhouse full of shiny things to be excited about.

In the meantime, I leave you with a disinterested monkey:

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