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Ultimate Genre Crossover & Boskone schedule

Many thanks to all who played in the Ultimate Genre Crossover -- a roundup of all the stories:

I am both amazed and amused. Trying to judge this was tight and hard-fought -- points were stretched on all sides, as I think is only appropriate for this particular challenge *g*; to keep things fair, I added three to those who hadn't counted the vampire/dragon/spaceship in their totals. There were several very close together in the 24-26 range, and I have been so late posting this because I have been at a loss how to decide! In the end, though, I think the prize goes to lacewood, for including a ton of cliches not even mentioned in the original challenge, and for writing a "serious" story within the constraints of getting up to that point level.

Also, because I really can't bear to decide, I will also award a special second prize to ashnistrike, for getting the highest point total within the drabble word limit -- she gets an autographed tpb rather than a hardcover -- appropriate, I think, as it's same content in smaller package. *g*

Winners, e-mail me at naominovik at livejournal with your addresses, and I'll get your prizes in the mail!

I am off to Boskone as we speak -- here's my schedule:

Friday 8pm Scotty, I Need More Bandwidth: Managing Information Streams
Friday 9pm Building Worlds with History
Saturday 11.00 Writing for Games
Saturday 12.00 Food -- Great and Terrible -- in SF and Fantasy
Saturday 2pm Kaffeeklatsch
Saturday 4:30 pm Reading

If you're going to be there, stop me in the halls and say hi! I'll be carrying around a Temeraire tote bag for easy identification. *g*
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