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August 20th, 2010 - Dragons! Lip gloss! Death! — LiveJournal
ahahahaha, so yes, I have in fact gotten an (awesome!) porny Temeraire fanart for the contest. *is dying of laughter* I love fandom. \o/

Speaking of which, this is a reminder! There's a little more than a week left in the Temeraire fanart contest: the deadline is August 31! (If you are an inveterate procrastinator, not that I resemble this remark or anything, as long as it is August 31 anywhere in the world it's fine). I hope you're all having fun working on art for the contest, and I am loving seeing what everyone is coming up with. :D

If you missed this earlier, here are all the contest details!

Also, to answer one more question that has arisen: if you have a piece that illustrates an existing scene from the books, yes, that *IS* welcome in the contest! I can always write a story that shows the scene from a different character's POV, or an alternate-universe retelling.

Meanwhile, I am settled in at home at last after much journeying and alas, a round of getting sick, bah. :P I have still to post one more drabble from San Diego prompts, and also pictures of many awesome Temeraire-related things acquired on my travels, and they will come! but this week has been all about a last round of edits on my manga, now finally complete with title: Will Supervillains Be On The Final? (Liberty Vocational volume 1) and getting a super-belated (in fact, despaired-of) short story done, in the same universe.

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