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July 23rd, 2010 - Dragons! Lip gloss! Death! — LiveJournal
I unashamedly played hooky from posting in Seattle to hang out with friends and eat Molly Moon's ice cream (Cherry Chunk, omnomnom) and yesterday to wander the floor at San Diego Comic-Con on the (well, comparatively) uncrowded Thursday. I am kind of scared of venturing there again. D:

Had a fun panel yesterday with a slew of other sf writers about Twisting Genres, in which China Mieville uttered heresies against the UNQUESTIONED AWESOMENESS of Reeses Peanut Butter cups, and Scott Westerfeld and artist Keith Thompson totally cheated by showing off the enormously spiffy steampunk art from Leviathan. We then all tromped over to sign books and subsequently migrated over to the most excellent Random House party over at Jolt'n Joes, where I got to see Yishan Li, my awesome artist on the Liberty Vocational manga coming out next summer -- which, er, is now no longer Liberty Vocational but whose new name is TOP SECRET (read: we haven't decided on it yet), and also met up again with karenhealey and ali_wilgus from the Fandom-Trained Writers panel at Infinitus, among many other fab people. :D

And now, next drabble! I am sorry to say I forgot to get the prompter's name for this one from Portland, so wave if you are the one who suggested, heee, "Temeraire vs the zombie cows":

It was a hideous waste, all of it; Temeraire could hardly keep his countenance when he first understood that the cows had not only to be killed but also all burnt up, and not eaten, although the smell which rose from the carcasses shortly reconciled him to the necessity of this measure.

It did not greatly shore up his equanimity to find that he was not even to be of much use in this dreadful operation, and the Longwings and Iskierka to take the lead, but the divine wind had a distressing tendency to cause the diseased cattle to explode.

Tune in tomorrow for the Seattle drabble and (if my phone cooperates) pictures of awesome Temeraire loot. And if you're at Comic-Con, I'll be doing one more signing at the Del Rey booth on Saturday at 4pm! Stop by!

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