May 6th, 2010

temeraire uk paperback

Free books! :D

So Del Rey is doing an awesome promo for Tongues of Serpents right now. If you have a friend who hasn't yet read the Temeraire series, pop their name into this handy form, Del Rey will send them a free copy of His Majesty's Dragon, and enter you to win a signed hardcover of Tongues of Serpents for you! (With this extremely spiffy cover by Dominic Harman!)

(Sadly the offer is only open to US residents! Will let you all know if any of my foreign publishers put together something similar. ♥)

Also to let you know, I'll be doing another little book tour for Tongues of Serpents this summer in mid-July right when the book comes out -- exact dates to come, but among other things, I'll be at San Diego Comic-Con.

I haven't decided what to read yet, but I am thinking another short story, since Vici was so much fun last time around. :D

Speaking of other promo, I am about to spend the next few days doing something with my facebook account, as I have been poked firmly on the subject. (I signed up for facebook in I think 2005, rapidly got so irritated by it that I shunted ALL the mail from there into a separate folder after about a month, and uh, have not looked at it since. D: I am scared.) if any of you have suggestions for how to use fb without going mad they would be much appreciated. :P