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January 10th, 2010 - Dragons! Lip gloss! Death! — LiveJournal
Just a quick note to say that I'm the guest blogger this week over at the Borders.com BabelClash blog, which has been doing wonders for forcing me to get my act in gear and update my website, tweet a bunch more, and also blather on randomly (today's entry segued from Midsummer Night's Dream at the NY City Ballet into Black Powder War, which impressed me even if nobody else).

And I have actually posted once a day! for -- um, most days. except that one where -- and the one where it was after midnight -- er, the two where it was after -- I have posted QUITE A LOT FOR ME, okay?

I'll be posting a bunch of the new content over here once my stint is done, but if you have any burning questions, I still have posts to fill! So ask me (over there or over here)! :D
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