March 25th, 2009

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Ada Lovelace Day: being the only woman in the room

For many reasons which do not require exploring at this juncture (ps to justinelavaworm, I think you have a fairy of choosing unreasonably good wine and I both thank you and curse your name), this did not get finished yesterday in time, but I really wanted to say something for Ada Lovelace Day even if belatedly!

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And now I have a whole slateful of tech heroines filling this new room, including each and every one of the women in the OTW blog post, which also links to a bunch of their individual heartening and brilliant posts.

And to pick out one among them, who was also a hero for me personally long before the OTW was even an idea: jadelennox was the first tech geek woman I ever worked with professionally. She showed me how to patch cable and let me jump in and muddle around with systems work and hacking even though I'd been hired for a nontechnical job on the strength of my English major; she let me ask many stupid questions without ever once making me feel stupid, and all around helped put me on a path of confidence that I could figure all these things out. And these many years later she was willing to come aboard to build the OTW Systems team and get us up and running. \o/ Because of her, I wasn't the only woman in the room at my first job, which made a huge difference for me.

I will also hugely encourage anyone who's thought a little wistfully that it would be cool to know how to code but felt it seemed impossible to read zooey_glass04's amazing Ada Lovelace Day post, and to think about volunteering too!

In other exciting news, I am now on twitter also, where I am about to go off and link this post. :)