March 4th, 2009

temeraire uk paperback

His Majesty's Dragon now available online!

So I am very very happy to announce that my publishers have gotten onto the pixel-stained technopeasant bandwagon, and you can now find His Majesty's Dragon available as a free download at Del Rey's brand-new Suvudu Free Library, along with many other fine works including Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb, Settling Accounts: Return Engagement by Harry Turtledove, and Blood Engines by T.A. Pratt. \o/

Of course, I would kind of assume that most of you reading here have already read the book (because I am otherwise a pretty boring ljer, cough), but if you've got a hardcopy and would like a nice shiny PDF with no horrible DRM (yay), you can grab! And please do pass it along to pals and anyone you think might like to give it a try.

eta! It is also available free in the Kindle store on Amazon (where I always love reviews if you are so inclined :D).

Meanwhile, I am happy to report also that Temeraire book 6 is underway (due in to my editor in August, coming out when I have no idea because I fail at understanding publishing industry schedules). My own working title is Tongues of Serpents, but who knows what it will end up as, so do not take that as final.

PS to demonbunny@deviantart: well, now there's going to be a koala attack. ♥