September 29th, 2007

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Empire of Ivory non-spoiler questions and thread

I've added a warning to the last post -- there are a few spoilers in the comments now. Apologies; I entirely encouraged people to post comments on the book and should have thought to make a separate "spoilery" thread, so it's my fault not theirs.

Since there are now spoilers over there already, I'll do the reverse now -- if you would like to post spoilery reviews/questions, let me ask you to do so over there, and keep this thread spoiler-free!

And in that vein, answering some non-spoilery questions:

Empire of Ivory will be released throughout the UK on November 5 of this year -- not a very long wait! The US and UK publishers are planning to keep future releases more close together, as I understand.

Book 5, Victory of Eagles, will be out in the US in Summer 2008, in hardcover, and further books in the series will probably come out about that same time.

On the UK cover art change: I love both the original and new cover styles to bits, personally. I am sad about there being a change, because it spoils my fabulous matching set, but it's not my decision -- cover art is a choice marketing makes.

I *am* very happy that Dominic is doing the covers for all of the Subterranean Press limited editions, which will include Empire of Ivory and I very much hope future volumes also), so there will be at least one complete set with his art, and I hope he'll make those covers available as prints via his website too, as the limited eds are pricey.

(Incidentally, the Subterranean website now has thumbnails up of the really beautiful interior layout.)

Okay -- so again, any non-spoilery stuff, welcome here; spoilers, over there please! I'll do a roundup of spoilery questions in a couple of weeks and answer them in a batch then.

And now back to work. *g*