Naomi Novik (naominovik) wrote,
Naomi Novik

Procrastination, alive and well!

So having given it a good long safety zone, that is a wrap for the Temeraire fanart contest! Hee, the number of entries doubled in the final twenty-four hours (and there were already a lot before)! As someone who frequently tortures my poor editor by saying "I'll get it in on Wednesday!" and then actually sending the draft at 3:27 am Thursday, I feel many of you out there are kindred spirits.

Everyone who submitted a piece should by now have gotten a little form-letter response confirming that it was received -- if not, please drop a line to to make sure your submission didn't go astray! I am so excited to go over all the pieces with Betsy Mitchell (the aforementioned longsuffering editor!) and Del Rey art director David Stevenson -- and bunches of them are already inspiring story ideas. :D

Several of you have asked about getting to see all the submissions -- the artists will of course be able to put their art up separately, but I will also see what we can do either with Subterranean Press or on my website to showcase all of these, because seriously, they are utterly amazing. ♥
Tags: fanart contest, temeraire
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