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Tour drabble from Boston!

Sorry for the delay on this one, have been wrestling with hotel internet. Hope to see some of you at the Portland signing tonight at the Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing, and at University Bookstore in Seattle tomorrow! :D

From Jen in Boston, the prompt "Jane Roland and prohibition":

"No, thank you,"Jane said firmly. "It don't make any sense to me either, and I would like a glass of port after my dinner as much as anyone else, but that isn't my business; keeping the law is. And if I did incline to let you fellows off for the liquor-smuggling, bribe or no, I wouldn't for the low sneaking murderous way you go about it, anyway. Now put down those guns on top of the barrels, and come over here and put yourselves into the jail-box; unless you care to stay down there while Excidium sees to the lot."
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July 21 2010, 03:49:09 UTC 4 years ago

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Ditto for me too. I'm afraid I scared my poor puppy with my shrieking. ^^;

Said book shall be most loved! <3


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