Naomi Novik (naominovik) wrote,
Naomi Novik

Tour drabble from Boston!

Sorry for the delay on this one, have been wrestling with hotel internet. Hope to see some of you at the Portland signing tonight at the Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing, and at University Bookstore in Seattle tomorrow! :D

From Jen in Boston, the prompt "Jane Roland and prohibition":

"No, thank you,"Jane said firmly. "It don't make any sense to me either, and I would like a glass of port after my dinner as much as anyone else, but that isn't my business; keeping the law is. And if I did incline to let you fellows off for the liquor-smuggling, bribe or no, I wouldn't for the low sneaking murderous way you go about it, anyway. Now put down those guns on top of the barrels, and come over here and put yourselves into the jail-box; unless you care to stay down there while Excidium sees to the lot."
Tags: book tour, drabbles, temeraire
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Heheheheh. Awesome. I love Jane, and for being a wee little drabble, this puts forth a very clear mental image for me.
Oh that is too good, you tell them Jane!
I love Jane Roland like burning.
Yay, Jane! She is awesome! It seems a sad waste of port, but I agree with Jane on low sneaky murderosity. Unless Excidium is going to "see to the lot" by consuming it.
I just received a wonderful surprise in the mail: An autographed copy of Tongues of Serpents! It would have been a great thing on any day, but at the end of a truly harrying day at work it really turned my evening around. Thank you, Ms. Novik and Del Rey! ♥

(And the friend I signed up to receive a free copy of His Majesty's Dragon through the send-a-book-to-a-friend program adored it and wants to read the rest, too~)
I had a similar experience...

If you've never heard a grown man squee before, you've never seen a grown male fan open a signed copy of a Temeraire book :)
Ditto for me too. I'm afraid I scared my poor puppy with my shrieking. ^^;

Said book shall be most loved! <3
Ooh, I'll be at the Seattle event! So moving to this state does have benefits, haha.

I just want to thank you and your publisher for the Tongues of Serpents giveaway contest - my roommate got his free copy of HMD a few weeks ago and caught up on the rest very rapidly, and after my free copy of ToS made my day by arriving this afternoon, he harassed me constantly until I'd finished it and he could start it.
Just wanted to pop in and say that I won your book. What a lovely surprise and I can hardly wait to read it! Thank you (and who ever thought of the giveaways) so much.
I have also been graced by the arrival of an autographed book on my doorstep today! I have also received several happy e-mails from friends who were recipients of the first book. (Some are already clamoring for the rest of the series--I'm afraid I've exceeded expectations now, because the second book is not available for free!) Thank you so much for the opportunity to share the series with others, and thank you for a free book of my own. :)

(I was also amused by the fact that the letter from Del Rey which came from the book stated that I was getting a free copy of the "Termeraire Series"--oops.)
I just wanted to say thank you - I wasn't able to make it to Powell's yesterday, but you completely made my day today, when I received awesome mail!!!!

I've long been a fan of your writing (pro & fan) and own the UK versions of the first several books as well as all the US titles.

Some time ago I entered the send-a-book-to-a-friend drawing - I've been trying to get my brother to read the series (because I think it's right up his alley); and once he's hooked, he'll have to read the rest, right?

today, I got a surprise package - I won Tongues of Serpents, autographed and all. so, even if the bro doesn't enjoy the book (but I bet he will), I am a WINNAR! I've been craving this book, but couldn't afford it and the waiting list at the library is rather long.

so, thanks again for brightening my day/week, as well as providing me with much reading enjoyment over the years.
Spotted this the other day:

Something you want to tell us about Laurence and Temeraire's retirement plan?
Speaking of Boston, man nor beast will keep me from your next book signing here. I discovered the first Temeraire novel mid-July and have been hungrily tearing through the series. I've finished "Eagles" just a few moments ago and will be getting my hands on "Serpents" very soon.

I was a fan of the Pern books many years ago and of a single book called Windhaven.

I am thrilled to have found your work and my only dismay is that in just over a month I have read the bulk of the series.

Thank you for sharing your brilliant tales.