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first drabble and Infinitus update!

Quick update for anyone who'd like to see me in Orlando -- I'll be doing signings open to the public in the vendor room at the con on Friday at 10:30-11am and ~1:30-2:30pm (second signing will start whenever the lunch panel lets out). I'll also be doing a reading at 10am, but due to con security they can't have that room open to the public, so you'll have to be a member of the con to attend.

To celebrate the launch of Tongues of Serpents, I'm taking drabble prompts on my tour and will be posting a new one every day. For anyone who doesn't know, a drabble is a short-short of exactly 100 words, which produces a fun little niblet of a story. :D I've already done a few of these from twitter prompts which will be showing up soon on Amazon and, and one already posted on for the prompt "Iskierka and poetry".

The first tour drabble prompt comes from Brandon at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble event in NYC:

"Perscitia and Parliament"

"Well, if the building cannot be enlarged -- which does not seem to me so difficult as you would have it; we would be perfectly willing to help, and it is not as though I were as large as Requiescat -- then you may knock a few windows together, and I will sit outside them," Perscitia said, feeling this suggestion at least must be irreproachable.

It transpired that the other members did not agree, but when Requiescat began to take an interest and interjected, "I don't see why I shouldn't be able to get inside, either," they grew more reasonable.

I'm waiting for the plane to Orlando for Infinitus right now -- another drabble coming tomorrow from my DC event! Thanks to all of you who have come out, it is really amazing to meet you all. :D
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Tongues of Serpents - Portuguese


July 16 2010, 21:57:07 UTC 4 years ago

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Dear Ms. Novik, I do not know if this is the appropriate place, but here it goes: I'm a Brazilian historian and I've just read today "Tongues of Serpents", in one stretch. I liked, though not so much as the other novels, and I'm quite mistified where the series will go from now on. Anyway, what I meant to write about is that a Portuguese character named "Robaldo" briefly appears, and refers to Brazil as "Brazilia". First, Robaldo is not a Portuguese name (nor Spanish, for that matter): if you would certainly be better to use a real name - though I have to admitt that I have found a few people whose last name were Robaldo by googling it. Second, Brazil was never referred as "Brazilia", but as "Brasil". Brasília, our capital, has only been built fifty years ago, if that was what was intended. Anyway, these were just some quick corrections in a otherwise splendidly researched novel, and I yearn for the next instalmment of this great series.


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