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Catching up

こんばんは! (konbanwa/good evening) I have just about gotten down all the kana. Only 2000 kanji to go before I can read Japanese!

Confession: it does not actually prove anything that I was able to type that out, because the Windows Japanese input system is actually kind of astonishingly easy -- you just type the Japanese syllables of a word the way they sound in English, and it translates them automatically into kana. It will even transform the words into kanji for you, but well, you have to know what the kanji mean, because the same word syllable-wise can have ten different meanings with ten different kanji spellings, and Windows does not helpfully provide a translation for each of them, although frankly it seems like it would be easy to do, and it's annoying they didn't. I could even now be writing hilariously bad Japanese based on word-by-word translation and perhaps spawning a reverse All Your Base meme.

As you may have guessed, studying Japanese in preparation for Worldcon is one of the many things that have been distracting me from posting in this livejournal, and in fact one of the exciting updates I have to share is that my Japanese publisher, Villagebooks, has sent me a translation of the first chapter of His Majesty's Dragon, which is coming out in Japanese later this fall. If you are interested, you can get the PDF file (422 K) here or at the Temeraire website.

Meanwhile, the page proofs of Empire of Ivory went to the publisher at last on June 29, and the ARCs arrived about a week later, which gives you an idea how close to the wire I came on this one. I do feel it is incumbent on me to warn that at least one reader has described it as having a "vicious cliffhanger of an ending" and, er, I can't argue. I know, bad writer, no biscuit. I'm sorry! That's where it wanted to end.

In the plus column, book 5 has an actual title and pub date already: Victory of Eagles, coming out June 2008. The first chapter is not going into book 4, because there was just not enough time to get it done, but instead we will be sending it out via mailing list (you can sign up on and livejournal sometime after the publication of Empire of Ivory.

In other exciting news, Subterranean Press will be doing limited edition hardcovers of all four of the Temeraire books so far, with brand-new cover art by Dominic Harman and interior b&w and color art by an artist yet to be named. *much rejoicing*

And last and perhaps most gleefully, even if it is old news by now: Temeraire won the Locus Award! joy! I was so sad I could not be there, but I understand Amelia of Locus read my speech complete with appropriate flailing gestures, so that is almost like I was there. :D

Now I will show away in a really shameless manner:

The Locus and Compton plaques are standing to either side of, from left-to-right, the German, Dutch, Korean, Catalan, Spanish, and French translations of His Majesty's Dragon, which have lately arrived! That little guy hiding off to the left-hand side is not mine, of course.

Meanwhile, people have been riffing on Temeraire in all sorts of cool ways, and I have been meaning to put together a gallery of these, but as it is taking me so long to do it, I am going to just link you to them directly.

On a side note, the wiki was attacked by spam bots, alas! But happily, whitearrow has set up an quick and easy approval form for new accounts, if you would like to participate in editing the wiki.
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